Tales from the Edge of the Wood (edgeofthewood) wrote,
Tales from the Edge of the Wood

Singing for Peace

In the Voice class, which I'm auditing, we were meant to write something inspired by some song lyrics. A lot of the lyrics came out of the late 60s-early 70s folk revival, Dylan, Simon & Garfunkel, you know the drill. I have a lot of love for stuff like this, but I also think most of the 70s singer-songwriters were more about being confessional and finding love on stage than they were about music. Not very many of them seemed to know a lot about traditional folk music, possible exception of Bob Dylan, who considered himself Woody Guthrie's heir.

Anyway. This is better if you read it out loud.

from far away this song sounds
real grown from passion
for change some desire for brotherhood
closer the edges fray
closer and singers say
look at me look at me look at me see
how I sing for peace see
how I test police see
how I look at me look at me see
me see me me me see
how I cry out in crowds how I shout
truth out loud how I shout
to remember and sing sing
again and again but remember
my voice is the voice you heard
first of the voices who sing
my song sing for peace come
sing together but this song is
mine say it’s mine know it’s
mine when you sing sing
of peace sing of me sing
of me sing of me

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